where can i find some license free, nice weaponry for free? (sounds impossible lol)

as the title states… do you guys know any sites that have a few Sci-fi guns or melee weapons that look nice and dont have licenses attached? just one model will put me weeks ahead and would be much appreciated. or better yet, if you have a model that you would like to distribute license free that would also be much appreciated. :slight_smile: ty in advance guys you are all awesome (heh kissin up righ there)


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There are great sites out there! Like BlendSwap.com

I just have a suggestion: Learn to make your own! :slight_smile:
It will really help man, and you won’t regret it :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t you want to be the kind of person who’s making the free models for the noobs?
Or, even the one who’s making the paid models for the pro’s?
Try it, get to modeling :smiley:

P.S. - Blender’s amazing


yea i have been making a few i just want a few good ones to put me ahead im actually almost done one of my models and it looks alright. i think now ive got everything i need after viewing blendswap and turbosquid (free ovcz im soo cheep)

You can use mine, they are custom made.


click on “military” then “weapons” then “guns” and set a custom pricing range of 0-0. You’ll get about 30ish high quality guns. You might need to make your own textures though.