Where can I find that "sound to f-curve" feature in blender 2.56?

I’ve been searching for this for a while but couldn’t find it in blender…
It’s a feature that allows you to import (sound-)wavefiles and convert the waveform into an f-curve to animate an object.
Here’s an example for what I mean: http://vimeo.com/8483707

There are some python scripts around in the web that do such that stuff, but all of them are outdated and do not work with blender 2.5x anymore…

I would REALLY like to use that, so please help me :eyebrowlift:


In Blender 2.5x you don’t need an extra script to make sounds into f-curves there is an operator to do it. However it’s not exactly the easiest thing to find unless you already know about it.

What you have to do is first get the sound file you want to make a f-curve from. Once you have done that start blender. Make a f-curve on which ever property it is you want to have the sound file modify. For example I inserted a key frame on location on the default cubes z axis (i just made the cube rise slightly). I don’t matter how you move the cube all you want it for is to create an f-curve that you can use in the next step.

The next step is to open up the graph editor window. Select one of the f-curves that you would like the sound to alter, tab into edit mode on that curve. Then press the spacebar and type Bake sound to f-curves. Select that option and then find the sound file on your harddrive. Open it and if all went well you will have an f-curve that now maps to the soundwave shape of your sound file.

Someone really needs to make this option way more visible because it really is useful.

Huge thanks!
This, again, is one of the awesome “hidden features” in blender :wink:
Although I think someone really should sort of ‘upgrade’ this option to be a graph-modifier…
Anyways, thanks again!