Where can i get reference images?

Hey. I was wondering if some1 knows where I can get reference images I can use to make 3d models. I would be really glad if any1 knows where I can get those, because I am not good at drawing. The best would be if the drawings was from front, side view.

Thanks for any sugestions :smiley:

reference pictures for what? If you are meaning reference pictures of humans check out this, some photo sets are free while others you have to pay for.

That is a great site, but I was thinking of more like art for a spesific character some1 has made. I was thinking of following along the Kara modeling tutorial at Blendercookie, but not using their art.

This is another site the-blueprint.com . A mixture of free and paid. Lots of vehicle and other things… not much in character /human stuff.

thanks gonna see if I can use both of them. Thanks

If it’s a character and you want unique reference photos, ask someone you know to pose. You know from the tutorial what’s needed.

Don’t marry any 1 site, except for google.

Use the google.

This place has references for just about everything, just scroll away. (:

Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile: