Where can I get some advice?

Coming back to Blender after sometime.

Have a model in 2.69 (linux) that renders with smoke in the viewport that has previsously and successfully rendered 1,200 frames

The smoke does not make it to the jpg, I believe this might be a graphics card issue. What’s the next move.

Thanks in advance
Stuart (beginner)

I’d say you can get advise right here! That’s what this forum is all abuot.
Your next move should be showing screen grabs of your render settings, materials and other information you might feel is relevant to your problem. Also making the .blend file available for others is the best way others can help you out.
You can upload it at pasteall.org and paste the link here.

Thanks, the .blend file is 11Mb and has produced a number of 2min avi files. So the materials and textures, smoke, views and movements are all working in the 3D viewport (screenshot)

However the output when saved (either during an animation/render run or manually e.g. ‘save image’) produces this

i.e. the red smoke goes AWOL

I sort of hope this is a silly e.g. a software switch or some output option, but I fear that this is a hardware issue caused by an upgrade of Blender and I don’t know how to proceed. Last year on the same computer with the same .blend I successfully created several 2min animation and put the output through a video editor to create a successful avi sequence(s) complete with smoke.

It’s a voluentary project/idea to create a sequence for my son’s school. It is a rotating sequence of the school badge.

Thanks in advance

Sorry for the delay; I’ve just uploaded test.blend to pasteall.org and don’t see a listing of it to be able to send a link; the web page is not that helpful and I guess there is a registration or something to perform?

You just need to copy address line as soon as upload finishes.