Where can I learn how to use blender?

I’ve tried tons of tutorials

More info? You say you’ve tried tons of tutorials, but what was wrong with them? Why weren’t they helpful? If you are an absolute beginner Andrew Price’s donut tutorial is probably best…Idk if you’ve tried that.


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Watch those: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kes2qmijy7w&list=PLa1F2ddGya_8V90Kd5eC5PeBjySbXWGK1

You said Udemy, but what about CGCookie? CGCookie had the best tutorial videos on how to use blender. They teach you how to use blender, not modeling specifically, although they have some modeling tutorials on there.

Do you mean modeling, or using blender such as the UI.

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I basically understand the majority of the UI in blender, it’s just getting to finally make something which I don’t have a good understanding of. If I try to make something it’s often a mess or just makes zero sense

When it comes to the tutorials, I do really like Andrew Price’s, it’s just that outside of the realm of the tutorial, I’m not exactly sure how to use what I’ve learned, other than for the specific thing or idea of the tutorial. For example, the doughnuts, I know there was a part where you take have of the doughnut and basically deform it, making the icing later on, sort of (details aren’t super important right now, but I did do that whole series, about the doughnut) but I’m not really sure where I’d use that in my own projects / the creation of my own Ideas. Thanks for the response! Hope you have a nice day!

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Also, I’ve always been absolutely horrified of the idea of having my ideas stolen, so I’ve read a lot on copyrights, it I’m not sure how I’d copyright my ideas for blender, particularly animations, models, etc.

Remember what the tutorial is specifically trying to show you and connect the dots for your own project.
There’s some of the most of the important tools in that tutorial.
Everything he used there can be applied to your own projects.
Even if you don’t know right now , you’ll know later.

The real learning is when you practice on your own !
Tutorials only give tips and basics to start you off.

When I first started - too many years ago - I practiced with little props. Vases , cups , chairs . . . tracing over coloring pages of those simple objects.
I don’t know if you’ve seen these tutorials , but tutor4u is the way I learned.
He just lays things out for you , without all the overwhelming details , that way you can see the way that certain things work.

Also , keep in mind , things take a while to be able to do your full - big - dream project.
Took me an aggravating year to sculpt a lioness , and she still has mistakes , but that’s just the start.

But , just practice. :slight_smile:


Thank you for all of this helpful info! I really to appreciate the straightforward answer, and the recommendations, too. Thank you very much for responding :smiley:
Hope you have a nice day

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Also, I’ve never heard of tutor4u, so I’ll definitely have to take a look at that.

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