Where can i sell my .blends?


I was wondering where the best place i could sell my Blender makes is.

I went Googling and didn’t come up with anything.
Please help direct me.

The local adult book store, seems to like my make human models :slight_smile:


**edit- nevermind, mmph!'s idea is better.

p.s. what do you have anyway?

oops sorry i meant where online can i sell my .blends

turbosquid asks for 45% of the money.

you could always set up your own shop like on ebay, yahoo or amazon or whatever.

what’s in your *.blends ? not that i am a buyer or nofink

sort of a cutesy blob guy. he’s fully rigged and ready for animation.
sorry i don’t have a screenshot.

thanks bgstratt. that sounds interesting.

turbosquid would be the place to start

yeah turbo squid is the most well known so you have the highest chance of getting it sold there