where can i suggest new things for

I heard there is a email to send to developers to send suggestions. I thought maybe this was the email(bf_blenderorg. something like that) and I sent these suggestions this as well.

I know in ortho view you can see your dimensions such as feet, inches etc.

I think it would help to also have an option to turn this on in perspective on the grid say the axis so you can see how far 20 feet away is etc for making a scene.

Maybelle built in lighting studio to test textures

the uv editor. when you scale up of the texture by using check snap to boarders or pixels. this causes confusion to me on how the texture is suppose to look. i thought stretching inst good? but then… sometimes my textures look better when i do this. so i think there shouldn’t be an option like that and just use the create new and enter the image texture dimensions to see what it will look like instead of stretching or scaling up the mesh.

snapping, seems in imperial I cant get my mesh to snap exactly on grid line. so better grid snapping regardless of what units.

more landscape options.
such as beach and shore line, city, park, skies like sunset, clear, Stormy etc. etc.

ocean modifier.
is should have a collide option to be able to create shoreline and water colliding off of things like boats or piers etc instead of going through them.

maybe some built in clothes, shoes etc like dress, pants