Where can one browse through examples? Seeking one example.

A year ago or so I first time tried out Blender and was quite impressed. I also stumbled
across a demo that I’m trying to find again.

Maybe someone could help me to find that demo. I’m trying to describe it.

It was a rectangular or square thing that was lying on the floor like a piece of pizza dough, but grey in color and spotty surface. Sliding with the cursor over it made it fluff up like a wandering wavefront. Quite simple demo but was showing how quick surface morphing could be done in Blender/OpenGL.

I would like to locate this demo again but can’t find it.



I’m not sure if you’re referring to demos from the Blender Foundation or someone on a forum, but here are some old Blender Foundation demo files. They may not work with v2.5, though.


EDIT: also check the Parent directory for more stuff.

Thanks a lot!

I meanwhile found it and interesting, how memory can fail. It was not a square or rectangular shape but round and it was an example named displace2.blend.

I found it on a backup of a previous machine.