Where Can You Get Dyntopo?

I’ve been looking for the Dyntopo addon for Blender, the one which allows you to dynamically add vertices while sculpting, but I’m unable to find it. I know that it will be included within Blender 2.66, but I need to have it right now for a project.

Any recent trunk build has it. Try the ones on the Buildbot or any trunk build on graphicall.org. Just go into Sculpt mode, and there should be a Topology tab with options for Dynamic Topology in it.

You need to download a recent blender revision. It can be found here:

Once I download a build, how easy is it to go back to a stable Blender release, say when 2.66 comes out?

All the builds from builbot.blender.org or graphicall.org are stable enough for a standard use. But, if you feel uneasy until the next release (beginning of february), you may use as many versions as you wish alongside. Just unzip your file in any folder : I name mine after the build number, then make a directory called “config” under “2.65”, and copy to this place the content of your own previous “config” folder. On windows machines this is the place : C:\Users…[yourId]\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.65

Usually you can have as many Blender builds (buildbot, graphicall, stable) as you want on your system, there’s no problem.
But a recommended way to make sure there will be no problem if you want to have multiple builds is to open the …\blenderdirectory\2.65\ of your downloaded build and add a new folder that you will name exactly


This way all the settings you’ll save will be saved in that …\blenderdirectory\2.65\config\ folder , removing then any potential incompatibilities between builds (before Bmesh was merged in trunk, if you used a bmesh build of Blender, saving your settings could lead the stable blender to crash, with added “config” folder, it wasn’t happening)

edit : Modelangelo mentionned the config folder more quickly :smiley: