Where could I find a personal instructor or tutor for blender?

I would like to learn blender, but what I want to do is find someone who is a an expert at blender, so he/she could teach me what I need to do to make a specific project come to life. I have one specific project that I want to do, I want to model and render a concept hot air balloon habitation space. For starters, I will need instruction on creating the material and texture for the special fabrics of the balloon, etc. Well, the point is, that upon carrying out a project like this, I am likely to need to know special techniques for modeling, creating materials, and texturing. So I will learn as I go along with the instruction of this teacher while having fun and rendering a scene that I have wanted to do for a long time. Basically, I need an expert to teach me, giving me all the information I need to create a special scene that is in my imagination.

And how much are you willing to pay for this time spent and effort given?

If you know nothing about blender then start with youtube beginner videos.

Also, first things first - know the creative process (workflow, pipeline…).
Then make a plan (sketch, description, script, storyboard…), lock down the idea from concept on to what the final result should be.

After, you can create a thread in Forum: Works in Progress, enjoy the help from community and grow as you go :wink:

Otherwise post an offer under Paid or Volunteer work.

You can search for someone in the blendernetwork : blendernetwork.org
But as said, you may want to look at beginners tutorial first to get the basics, then with a teacher you can get more into the interesting stuff.

Learning CG takes a lot of time and dedication, so it’s great to have someone that can help you improve. But if you’re only counting on him, then you’ll have to pay him for several years to get decent results.

Thank you for all your suggestions, for now, I will just post questions on the forum when I need to know something or need some assistance. Yes, I will use the work in progress section, thank you burnin, and XYZero just by the sound of it, it must be expensive, I’ll stick to the forum, and tutorial videos, for now.

go to blender network and post a job request for a tutor. But yeah I don’t know what that costs. But I’m sure someone would do it.
Also personally what I think is much better is try to make something post on WIP for feedback. And occasionally see if you can get a more indepth review of your work.