Where did ariblk.tga come from?

I was playing with the BGE and recently did a 1 hour workshop and created some files and a tutorial and I found that I had the font file ariblk.tga and for the life of me I can’t figure out where I got it. I don’t want to use something without giving credit and I’m at a loss.

Does anyone know who originally created this file?


Was it not in the gamekit.?


Do you mean the original gamekit 1st edition? I don’t know, I don’t have it. If I use it in a .blend file and distribute the blend file with it packed inside with a tutorial do I need to mention a credit for it? Is it under CC?

There certainly is a file of this name in this gamekit cdrom.


I think thats its probably just a font. In which case you dont really have to give credit unless you want to. I say you just use it and then if someone actually complains, then give credit where credit is due.

Yes, Arial Black is a font. A very common font indeed.

You can create your own font textures with FTBlender script: