Where did Blender (and 3D work in general) take you?

Hi guys,
I am curious to know where did your interest in 3D work take you?

I am job hunting at the moment after working in video games and now publishing and I see jobs like Draughtsperson, Architectural Designer, Product Designer, CAD Engineer and so on.

These jobs all require skills in 3D but to my mind they primarily require education in their specific design related fields, however I am aware that many people find their way into these jobs by having the 3D skills and learning the discipline later.

I am curious to know in what ways do the professionals on here use their 3D skills (either in Blender or other apps) and if you would be willing to share a brief explanation of how you got there?

Background info on me:
I used to work in the video games industry in the UK but left it when my studio went under. I since worked in medical publishing for a few years using adobe software primarily and searched for other fields I could work in. After a few years I found nothing that interested me other than 3D so I decided to download Blender (I used to use 3DS Max) and have a play. I am currently looking for fields outside of games to see what direction I could take this if I did decide to try and be professional again.

Thanks for sharing, I appreciate the time it would take to form a response to this somewhat odd question.


3d modelling with real-time rendering can be used for architectural visualizations or advertising works for automotive engineering companies