Where did Face selects "specials" go in 2.46? (set/clr tex/light/collisions etc)

While merging face select and edit mode seems to have caused some wailing and gnashing of teeth here and there, I’m generally much preferring it (probably because I’m still pretty new to Blender).

What does have me stumped though is where all of the “specials” options went. These are the ones you used to get to by selecting faces in face select mode and pushing “W” (like turning on off light / collisions / textures / visibilty / two side etc).

If I push F in 2.46 it helpfully tells me that face select mode was removed (cool :)) and that edit mode now lets me do UV editing (cool :D) but makes no mention of these other options (uh, not so cool :no:).

Has anyone found them hiding in 2.46 somewhere?


Ctrl-F or something

and some of those options in panel ‘Texture Face’ in the Edit buttons (only after UV unwrapping and having the faces selected)


It’s mainly the ability to turn collision detection off that I need. I’m aware of actor -> ghost but whilst ghost objects allow actors to pass through them, they still trigger sensors, which is causing me problems.

I also like the idea of optimising it so the engine is only calculating what it needs.

Back to hunting for the W / Ctrl F option for me. :slight_smile:

Here’s a related question. Anyone know how I can apply Add or Alpha rendering to multiple faces at once? I refuse to do it one at a time, that’s ridiculous.

Select all faces to be changed and make changes to the active face. Then press CTRL+C and select “Active Transp”.

I miss the “CopyDrawMode” button as well :frowning:

  • select the active face and the others

  • do the change

  • Ctrl-C -> Active transp

@Plantperson - Careful. You’re starting to sound like MASSter :wink:

So still no one’s seen the collision option anywhere… This is kinda starting to concern me. Has it gone the way of the copyDraw button/UV Face Select mode?

I was just using the collision option yesterday. You can access it through the Ctrl+F menu.

Speaking of copy draw button, how do you get shading in the real time window now? I can’t find a way. How are you guys getting light shading? I haven’t been using the game engine, but I’m doing low poly work and I can’t use the renderer because it gives a false image. Also, as long as I’m here. I get 20 frames per second in the game engine when I click on play, is that normal?

@venom… I do that and it still doesn’t work…

can they PLEASE bring back the SIMPLE button!!!

EDIT: It only works if you have a texture assigned to the faces… otherwise it won’t copy the texture face settings to other faces… by selecting active transp.

The devs are rather wrongly assuming that you’d only want to be able to access the texture face menu options if you have an image to map. I mean hey, it’s not like you’d ever want to have a cube with a solid colour in the game engine and want to be able to change the texture face options without having a map attached—

–>and why do I have to unwrap the objects UV in order to even see the texture face menu? was this by design or is it a bug?

I agree with this post.

you dont need an image to map, you only have to add a UV layer (can be easily done in the buttons window without unwrapping or adding any image), maybe there should be a keyboard shortcut for that.


at least some documentation. Or is there some out there?

this one?

(very untidy by now)

Hey everyone,

Cyborg ar has already answered this. It’s all there and works fine. It’s just a case of learning where everything’s been shuffled to.

What would probably really help everyone would be just a simple “Transitioning from 2.45 -> 2.46 guide. Where we moved everything.” :slight_smile:

ok, i know this isn’t really on topic, but it kinda is, a little. Anyone else having trouble getting “live unwrap transform” to work? doesn’t seem to want to for me

EDIT: never mind, works now, wierd. and now back to your regularly scheduled content

thanks for the info cyborg AR… but it still won’t copy the tex face attributes to other faces unless you use a map a texture to the faces.

Yeah thanks cyborg, I have been looking all morning on how to do UV. I agree with blendiac, there should be some sort of white pages of where everything MOVED to, not just the changes in general.

i think the same, there sould be a tutorial called “Moving to 2.46 without dying in the process”

-yeah we can put next that other tutorial… called “how to avoid re-inventing the wheel” :wink: (beside this the latest version is cool tho)