Where did go texture layer manager from N-panel in blender 2.74?

I just found out trying to use it in blendere 2.74 that it’s no more showing “texture layer manager” in n-panel
I tried to look for it in the addons list and it’s not showing the addon there either. Alright I can do what I used to do by it going to T panel slot tab from texture paint mode and add a texture paint slot. That panel anyway was really handy. For now I can do what it did by zero brush. Is blender no more supporting that panel?

Unzip and install the .py file from the User Preferences / Addons panel


texture_paint_layer_manager.py.zip (4.74 KB)

Prfect. Thanks, Richard that did it. I wish for next build they’d fix this, that panel is so handy for texture paint and also for adding details to an existing normal maps via texture painting which is a resource saving pipeline for old machines.

Thank you, that’s fixed it.

Hello, I have installed blender 2.76b windows64 and it did not come with texture_paint_layer_manager.py even though the documentation seems to suggest that it comes standard with Blender. So I downloaded the .py from Richard Marklew above and installed it and it shows up in the Blender UI and makes new layers but no matter what layer I draw on it always draws on the initial base layer. Anyone have any ideas either why the current download of Blender doesn’t have this addon like the documentation says it does or why the paint layer manager does not work as described for me?

Thank you,

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Why do you need to use this addon when you have the texture slots already built in to blender ?