Where did import go?

Hello, i just recently downloaded the new version of blender. Blender 2.49b. and just now, i went to the import section wanting to importa .lwo, and the only import options are these 3 other things. So how can i import files now? I googled import plugins but couldn’t find anything.
If anyone knows it would be much appreciated.

Should just be File > Import > LightWave (.lwo)

Check your Python version to see if your using the correct version for 2.49b

I think the one you need is 2.6.3 (at least I have that one installed and it works fine, even though when I start up blender it says 2.6.2)

This may be of help


Ok, i just tried downloading python 2.6.3 but it wasn’t available so i downloaded 2.6.4
and i still have the same problem. Should i just keep looking trying to find 2.6.3?

You shouldn’t need to install python to use these scripts. You need to point blender to the file path of your scripts folder in the user preferences.


i can’t find my python scripts. Blender comes stock with the export scripts right?