where did my little "target" thing go

i lost my “target” i dont really know what to call it. it is the thing that shows how to rotate and where to put new objects and i lost it. it is offscreen somewhere and i cant get it back. i tried clicking on a spot that i can see but it doesnt come to me. any help plz

Make sure you’re in Object Mode, not Texture Paint or Vertex Paint modes.


the cursor?

try clicking in the 3d view. but that probably isn’t it.

i am in object mode and yet when i click it still isnt there. and it is only on tihs one file none others

also is there a way to select faces instead of the default vertexes

Press shift+c to get the cursor back to the centre.

it’s possible that the file somehow got corrupted. the solution would be to make a new file, and append everything from the old file into the new file.