Where did the Lasso go in the 2.57 UV editor?

Where did the Lasso go in the UV editor?

When I Ctrl-left-click on UVs in 2.57, nothing happens. Just nothing. Right-click selects as before, but in 2.49 I used the Lasso select with UVs a lot (esp. with Shared Vertex turned on), so I’d like to have it back.

What do I do to reactivate it? (he asked hopefully…)

I’ve been doing a few tutorials with 2.57. Although I don’t know how the lasso worked in pre-2.57 the ways I have found to select things in the UV editor are:
RMB click single vert’s, lines, etc
[B] - box select groups of verts, lines, etc
[L] - with the cursor over part of an island of verts… however; [L]-select won’t work with “Shared Vertex” turned on.

I hope this helps a little. :slight_smile:

The lasso used to work the same in the UV editor as it did in the 3D window - Ctrl-leftclick to lasso select, Shift-Ctrl-leftclick to deselect. But it wasn’t subject to toggles like Shared Vertex, so I could select a group of shared points, then deselect the ones I didn’t want to merge. I got so used to that, I developed a muscle memory for it, which always gets frustrated now. Thanks for your suggestions, but they don’t really replace that.