Where did the name "Blender" come from?

Just out of curiosity…

and yes, i did do a search


P.S. I’m referring to the program…

Probably something involving render… Just a thought…

I know the name first appeared when Neo-geo started to be rewritten but not where it came from.

umm it proably comes from the fact that when we as artists make stuff in the program we ‘blend’ it together.

my creative idea has always been parallel to that of the Linux penguin. Torvalds says that he was bitten by a penguin as a child and so had a certain enfatuation with them. I was thinking that maybe Ton got his hand caught in a blender and the same thing happened…
You never know (untill you do).

But the real answer is probably the above.

it wasn’t his finger BTW.


Well people still know how the logo looks like, 3 vingers, 2 stick together like the OK signal, inside it a cirkel that’s the abstract meaning of package. Ok package == all in one. And what kitchen product can put different things into one piece of product? yes a Blender, put 5 pieces of different food in it, blend and done, 1 food product. So that’s why it called Blender, blend it, all in one package software :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s got something todo with this.

dont go to the above site, it has a trojan

Neo-Geo was a company, not a piece of software. ‘Traces’ was the package that was the predecessor to Blender.


Lol. It must have been his toe, no?

Huh? Okay download firefoxnow!

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