where did the scripts folder go

I downloaded the new lux and went to drop the export script into the \blender foundation\blender\scripts folder (thats where I remember them going) and there are no folders in there anymore do I just make a scripts folder or does it need a \blender folder first?

I’m assuming that you’re on windows? (I almost never use that these days, so this may not help!)

Is the current version of blender installed or run from a folder?

This is relevant as you need to find where blender.exe is stored.
If installed does windows still put it in “Program Files”?
If you’re running from a folder It’ll be wherever you put it!

Scripts can usually be found relative to wherever your blender.exe is… there should be a folder called .blender and inside that a scripts folder.

(on linux it’s .blender in your home directory eg ~/.blender/scripts)

Another way would be to add a user scripts folder anywhere on your computer and then go to the preferences —> file paths

in the "python scripts section navigate to your user scripts folder.

Don’t forget to save defaults with Ctrl U !!!

Micheal, yes it’s windows xp-x64/ and I have it installed in program files (x86). I have show hidden files checked and the is no blender folder. I kinda remember now that windurs just called it blender/scripts.
So I’ll try that ,thanks

You could also drop it in your personal scripts folder, which should be located at:

\Documents and Settings<b>your user name\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts