Where did the Texture Mapping setting went to?

I am trying to follow a CG Boost tutorial about Texture Painting, at some point one is supposed to go to the Properties Editor on the right side, then the 1st tab: Active Tool & Workspace settings. As you can see on the screenshot excerpt I attached, last year one could find here a section called Texture, in here after you choose the texture file, below you would choose the Mapping method, where we’re supposed to choose Stencil. But this has changed already and I don’t see anywhere where one can choose Stencil.
Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

Sorry about the low res, that’s how the video is:

It is in the properties panel (hotkey N)

Edit: Did not mention, this screenshot is 2.81, see my lower post for 2.82.

I am using 2.82a, how come I don’t have it?
This makes no sense!

Screenshot from 2020-03-17 21-47-54

(My screenshot was 2.81) Here it is in 2.82, same panel, just hidden one level in:

Brush Settings > Texture

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Thank you so much unyxium :slight_smile: