Where did you hear about blender?

Just curious…

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I have to say that I heard about it in a PC Gaming magazine. PC Planet, I think it was called.

For young children.

Like me, I suppose… :wink:

At a forum at Age of Kings Heaven. People were discussing modding the game, and software to use for the graphics.

was searching the web for linux apps and stumbled over blender.
www.google.com/linux rulez :slight_smile:

I stumbled across it looking through a library of free programs. Deffinitly one of the best discoveries I’ve ever made.


Computer Arts mag mentioned is somewhere a long, long time ago and referred to it as “a quirky dutch 3D app” - I like quirky things, so there you go!

i came to know about blender through a computer magazine.blender2.12 was provided on the CD.i was trying to use a demo of 3d-canvas then…the worst possible 3d-app :-? i guess.i was frustrated and installed blender.could not find a clue then.after a month i renewed my internet connection and connected to the net only to see some amazing works by some blender-heads.then i started saving those tutorial pages and in a 1.5 years quite mastered the art of blender.i wonder if anybody else form our 100 crore population(india) tried this app seriously!

I was searching the web for a way to add some visual effects to a film I was working on and stumbled across Blender on another board. Then i got hooked.

From my brother! :smiley:

Is your brother a famous Blenderhead?


I read about it in a magazine. It was not even a computer àor game magazine, but it had a small article in it which said you could make games with it. Since I was quite interested in games back then I decided to give it a try.
At first I was dissapointed because of the lack of a game engine (it was version 1.6x (1.67 I think if that’s possible)). Then I started with it anyway, and got hooked.

Me too, there was a demo of blender 2.14 or sumthin like that…

theeth: It’s Peter… you decide if he’s a famous Blenderhead :o :smiley: 8)

I was on TheForce.net (this was when I liked Star Wars, thank goodness) and they were talking about software you can use to make fan-films. 3DSMAX and Lightwave were mentioned, but they didn’t talk too much about them. There was also this Blender thing mentioned, and it said it was free, so it’d be better to start there before using 3DSMAX & Lightwave. I downloaded it later, got confused, and ported it to another computer where I found Blendermania (sigh…) and used a tutorial there to learn Blender. The rest is boring and long, so I won’t talk about it. (Maybe I should have said “the rest is history,” huh?)

I cannot tell a lie. I was in some forum reading posts about 3ds max warez, and someone said, “get blender, its just as good”, so I searched, saw some screenshots, and gave it a try. I also liked the fact it was opensource (and legal :wink: )

well I vote for somewhere else…my story is a bit weird…

Here it go:

It all began with the game Freespace2. (a space-sim flight game). I was beginning to be intrigue by 3d render and all so someday I saw a tutorial for modelling a 3d spaship for freespace2…I check it fast but I didn’t read it carefully cause I had to go to my friend house…but some week after I decided to recheck it, they said to download blender so that’s what I did. I played with it a little during 2 week but I got bored…after like 5-6month…the prog was on my hd…so when I saw it I reopen it…check for tutorial on the blender website (www.blender.nl ;)) and I began using it for real…since then I didn’t stop :D…that make 1year and a half! :smiley:

I saw it in Computer Arts, downloaded it, saw all the buttons, had a heartattack, deleted it. Ran across it again in 3D World, gave it another try and I’m still here. :smiley:

Depends on which Peter that is. :wink:
If he is an old timer, what was his nickname on blender.nl (or here).

back on topic, I found out about Blender in a special section of La Presse (the biggest french newspaper in north america) talking about free softwares and stuff like that. If I remember correctly, it had a part about GIMP too.


I had recently bought a computer and didn’t have much money left to buy software. I did an internet search and found blender. I had blender on disc for three years and didn’t have time to figure it out since I was busy with school. When I graduated, I was unemployed as most geography grads are, and I started sifting through the manual, the tutorials, and realised it wasn’t that hard after all. A year later here I am: Blenderhead addicted.

here’s my story: back in ‘98(seems so long ago) Iwas learning c++ and stated to look for a way to make games, I found an old book(didn’t learn anything :slight_smile: ) it mentioned pov-ray----I went to the site and downloaded it and found it to hard to code…I started looking in their resource pages for free modellers…found crap! then clicking on a link, I found blender(1.7?–c-key days) I tried it but gave up…I came back when the c-key was eliminated, tried the tuts…and here I am(haven’ finished anything yet!!! :slight_smile: )!