Where Did Your User Name Come From?

Okay, if someone is ticked off about this because they think it is stupid/irrelevant/spam, that’s your opinion, but I’m genuinely curious. I’m fascinated by some of the names people come up with and would like to know if they have some hidden meaning.

For example, NQE1 started with me and my friends talking about starting a band a long time ago, and we thought up the name Not Quite Superheroes (we still plan to do it, someday . . .) We liked to make movies and animations and stuff so we came up with the name Not Quite Entertainment as our little production name. Hence NQE. The 1 was just thrown onto my username.

What’s your story? Theeth, PlantPerson, Modron, @ner, everybody!

Let’s keep this thread succint and not post hundreds of responses to everyone’s posts. Just put up your story.

Genesis - 14,13.

I think this is an interesting topic actually. I was going to post about this myself but I only really wanted to know what your’s meant as I have a rough idea as to where most others came from. I thought that you were criticizing Wayan’s Brothers’ Entertainment because I think they have a silhouette logo at the end of some TV series that looks like your avatar:


Anyway, I think my name is fairly self-explanatory. I’ve used most operating systems and IMO Mac “OS X rules” :P.

My play with words… Fonix Wircs------>Phonics Works

ever read sphere land or flat land? [I believe they are the same book somewhat, not sure tho]

nuff said

Hi my name came fron the norwegian bass player Varg Vickernss, from the death metal band Burzum, the guy changed his name fron Crhis to Varg, which means wolf in norwegian, this dude was one of the crazy m*ther truckers from the inner circle a group of carzy church burners and satanic worshippers, he’s now in jail doing time for the murder of his vocalists Euronimous (name of norwegian demon in it’s native mithology), however I use it like the call of the wild that’s in me, represented through a dark wolf

Mine’s obvious for any Tolkien fans out there.

The coolest username here is Alltaken. I wish I’d have thought of that…


Quite simple, i’m 15 (16 in 2 days) and I live in Kansas.

and am looking for a pedaphile who wants to have an easy time.

j/k But really, I am no better, mine is just my name, first and middle, stuck together.
I was just trying to think of a name to change to for my 1000th post when I saw this thread and decided against it. I kind of like my name. And it has a beer subtitle, which my parents were not thinking of when they named me. (whoops!)

I wish I could think of a good one. I thought of some babylonian gods of art, and the great minds. I particularly like Socrates and Newton.

ALL the other names were TAKEN at techtv.com


SamAdam joked:

[quote]Kansas_15 wrote:
Quite simple, i’m 15 (16 in 2 days) and I live in Kansas.

and am looking for a pedaphile who wants to have an easy time. [/quote]

I think his emphasis was the “Quite simple” part!

Mine’s a nickname and the % was supposed to be the skydiver (%<) but his legs got lost in transit.


Mine is the name of a sadly out of date kayak made by Perception. At the time it came out it was sweet, but now, not so much (like me). I also use the name Corsica_S when I make music. What is weird is that only a few days ago I found out that the Corsica S kayak was designed by Corran Addison. I know you guys don’t care, but I’ve always loved his designs, and the fact that I loved the Corsica S even though I didn’t know he designed it, weird.

It’s an abbreviated version of my usual name on the internet, “The Fallen Weeble.” Does everyone know what a weeble is?



Or you watch too much He-man :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine came from a character named Enzo in a movie called The Big Blue. Movie was marginal at best, but Enzo rocked.

Random letters typed together. Funnily enough, it has nothing to do with teeth. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine came from the song HEY YA. What’s cooler than cold? Ic3CoLd

From an old American movie, “Gunfight At The OK Corral”

(see http://www.ukans.edu/heritage/gunfighters/okcorral.html);

corral => enclosure for confining livestock. There is another English word which sounds like corral: chorale => hymn music or group that sings such. “OK Chorale” makes a great pun, but this name is already used commercially, so I made a similar name, “okchoir”.