Where do I find Python files

I read this wonderful post by ideasman42: develop and improve the source code of blender?

I am a beginner in developing Blender. I followed the steps given in Blender Wiki to build Blender and I did it successfully. Now I wanted to get familiar with the source code of Blender but when I look up the source files in ~/blender-git/build_linux/source/blender every source code is written in C language. I am not proficient in C. In the post @ideasman42 suggests to start with some python files and make some edits to it. Can anyone please help me to find those files.
Also, is Blender primarily built on C, I assumed it was built on Python.

python is just the top level api that interacts with the underlying C code. (im pretty sure lol)

most of the UI is python, and one need not compile to make edits. just right click on most ui elements and itll have an option to show source. it will open the relevant py file, from there, you can find similar files.

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Don’t forget to ticking developer extras in the preferences first item. Or you ll not have the show source code with the right mouse button.

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