where do I get Python

Blender is really getting annoying because it keeps saying python is not installed.What do I do?:confused:

Download and install it from www.python.org. But you really don’t need to worry about Python until you want to start using scripts.

I thought the same but my new installation does not seem to want to export out complete meshes.:confused:

NVM - I reinstalled the app by DLing the zipped file and extracting everything to the Blender folder in PROGRAMS. The ZIP file had the python dll

Ignore the initial message about python not being installed… It makes no difference whatsoever unless you want to do some really fancy things with python. It is actually an automated thing that’s spit out by blender’s internal python functionality (sort of), so it can’t just be switched off.

Elowan: There is an issue with the python stuff in blender 2.44 for windows, it’s missing a module. You can solve it by exporting using 2.43, installing python fully or waiting for 2.44a