Where do I post questions for blender grease pencil

Ya I have an issue regarding grease pencil and I am not sure where to post a question for that…

it depends on what the question is, post your question here, and then I will tell you in which category you have to put it :wink:

Well my question is is that when I fill in a shape in grease pencil 3d view I can still see through it. Sorry I can’t post pictures because I’m on mobile rn.

ok, I’m sorry I don’t have the answer yet for you (cause I’ve just not be in the grease pencil very much so I’m a noob in there) :sweat_smile:

but I would put your question either in “basic and interface” or “technical support”

in any case, if It’s not in the right category, someone who do know will probably move it :wink: