where do I start learning python?

I wanna learn and can’t figure out where can someone help me please…


This ebook is on python only. Once you learn the basics you can start to look at the game engine docs and other examples that you find on these forums.


Theres a sticky in the resources forum about learning python with some good links.

I would recomend getting the book Mastering Blender. Thats how I got started and I thought it was really great. :slight_smile:

yo man, how do I make python apps (I’m catching hell trying to compile python code on a mac.

You don’t need to compile python to run it, its an interpreted language. Just run your .py file.

Python does do some compiling but you don’t need to worry about it because python takes care of it.

But I want to make an app so random people don’t just steal and edit my source code and then call it theirs.

There is already some thing for that.
here are some threads:


I saw a few more a little while ago but I couldn’t find them.

Sunjay, was the other link hashing by moguri?

Yea!!! Thats the one I was trying to remember! :smiley:

There was also another one where a guy made up a story about it and then in the comments there was some good stuff.