Where do I start to make a game?

Hello everyone, I was hoping that someone could tell me where to begin in making a game.

I have a character, a walking animation, and an environment. Where do I go from here to make him be controlled by a user, to make him walk in his environment.

I have no knowledge of blender game engine, all I know is modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering.

Total game noob.

You need to use logic bricks. Check out the game engine tutorials at this link…


The Noob to Pro stuff is a great place to start. After you read through the items on the BGE, I’d also recommend looking at Blendenzo’s site to learn a bit more advanced things:


Thank you DL007 and Moguri. This is really helpful.

when making a game your work should start at the drawing board, structuring your ideas and paper programming. If you just want to play around and learn the previous posters and google should help you.

I’d also recommend downloading the old game kit, while it’s outdated, there’s still a lot of good info in there.

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Thankyou for showing interest in the BGE.
To further enhance your experience and knowledge I’ve provided some links below:

Noob to Pro (basic Blender related stuff, not all GE)
Tutorialsforblender - Huge amount of GE related stuff
Blendenzos site - Good tutorials (including Socials Intro to Python)
BSoD GE Intro
GE Wiki

Keep GE-Blending!