Where do I start

Ah, help :confused: I need to model this landscape, it is mainly as a reference. Would anyone have a suggestion where to start?

My level is mainly follwing Ducky3D :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have created a plane, subdivided it by 100 and just selecing vertices and making them higher up, but it;s more using that image as a refernce. I suppose I need a birds eye view to work from?

Steve, sculpt the terrain from a plane. Using this technic, you have 2 choices:

1 - Subdivide a lot this plane (you can use Multiresolution modifier) before sculpt, or
2 - Sculpt with Dynotopo option on. But after sculpt, you have to make the retopology, so you can generate UVs fot texture, and maybe, extract normal map from high poly to use it in the low poly version of the terrain.

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You can also use displacement map, if you can find the original location’s birds eye view and convert it to black and white. that place looks like wales?

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Thanks, will look into this.

Spot on, extra point for where about in Wales!? :slight_smile:
I’ve used displacements maps in AE, so I might try this one first. Thanks.

Yes. Displacement is an option, too. :wink: