Where do my vert groups go?

I create a creature and and armature, and parent the armature to the mesh, and then assign verts to the various bones. I tried out moving some of the ik solvers, and it worked OK. Then I did a couple of editing operations (a Join mesh). After this, my vert groups were still there, but moving the bones in ‘Pose’ mode no longer moves the vertices!

No matter what I do I can’t seem to fix the vert groups so that they deform the mesh.

Is this a common problem? Or am I doing something wrong? I didn’t receive any warning about losing vert groups when I joined the meshes.

Thanks for your help.

the group and the bone have to have the same name. have you read http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Vertex_Groups ? sounds like you have some verts that are NOT part of the correct group, or are not part of any group, which can easily happen if you merged them with a non group. But, you can simply select and assign them by reading the wiki link above.

I think the title of my post was misleading. My vert groups are still there, still with the exact same names as the bones, and still with the same vertices even. But, the bones no longer deform the vertices. It seems like this is a bug with joining meshes, the armature ‘forgets’ that it is associated with the vertex groups.

However that is a very useful tutorial you pointed me to, thank you.

I have since decided that there is really no reason to ‘join’ meshes anyway, usually parenting is enough, and apparently I can assign a bone to multiple vertex groups and it will do the right thing.

It could be that the mesh that resulted from the join operation no longer has an armature modifier.