Where Do We Report Errors in the API Docs?

Morning, All,

I just found an error in the API docs for 2.66; are these reported as bugs via the usual bug report page or is there somewhere else?

 bpy.props.EnumProperty(<i>items</i>, <i>name=""</i>, <i>description=""</i>, <i>default=""</i>, <i>options={'ANIMATABLE'}</i>, <i>update=None</i>, <i>get=None</i>, <i>set=None</i>)Returns a new enumerator property definition.
 [TABLE="class: docutils field-list"]
    [TR="class: field-odd field"]
[TH="class: field-name"]Parameters:[/TH]

- <b>name</b> (<i>string</i>) – Name used in the user interface.
- <b>description</b> (<i>string</i>) – Text used for the tooltip and api documentation.
- <b>default</b> (<i>string or<b><i> set</i></b></i>) – The default value for this enum, A string when <i>ENUM_FLAG</i> is disabled otherwise a <b><i>set</i></b> which may only contain string identifiers used in <i>items</i>.


default does NOT take a set, just a string.

On bug tracker or IRC - my recommendation!

Thank you, sir.

EDIT: Submitted.

make sure you ping ideasman too in irc


Campbell Barton has added this as a bug with priority 3.