Where do you find inspiration?

I’m preparing to record a podcast episode tomorrow about finding inspiration, and I have my own thoughts on where I get a lot of mine. But I thought I would ask others to see what their thoughts are. So where are some of the “places” you go to find inspiration? What sources do you draw inspiration from?

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing some interesting answer that I might not have thought of! :smiley:

This is a good question. Inspiration does come from many sources, and in particular for drawing, I find that sometimes when I close my eyes, an image comes, that I just have to get on paper.

I just go outside to our 50 acres of grassland and woodland and Immediately get inspiration for something :smiley:

I usually find inspiration from the outside world, or through what I’m reading (I love political/news comics, books and comics among anything that’s a good read).

For me inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. My most recent low-poly space cargo ship drew inspiration from a remote control helicopter my brother recently purchased, another drew inspiration from a cloud formation and one of the models from my game BDef came to me in a dream. Heh, I was actually dreaming about the game I was making and in the dream there was a unit that was, at the time, not in the game, I liked it so I whipped up the model and it rounded out the compliment of units quite well I think.

Great responses!

I hadn’t thought about dreams or looking at the clouds :smiley:

Thanks for those who responded to this post. Just about to record the episode. Look for it to hit the stream early next week!


Does it every time …

MUSIC ,epic music!!!
(and reading)

Electrical, Mechanical, Biological, Whimsical,

Shining, Sparking, Dividing and Arcing,

Splitting, Refitting, Retro Raid.

Words and Gears and Curves.

How can I forget music?!

Most of the time i find bill gates an inspirational personality because he got some guts. He is the only one who have reached the top for so long period of time.

Whenever I want to compose music, I go outside, I go to forest, grass lands, anything nature. If I want to make action oriented music, I watch action films, scifi action films etc.

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”

Read more inspirational books from great writers. Think differently from others and express your creativity to the world.

I’m watching Star Wars right now and the word of Yoda seem to apply here. “Do not try, do.” To me this means do not try to be anything, but instead just be. Do not try to become, but, if anything, to realize.

I think I get inspiration from constipation, lol not in the gastrointestinal sense of the word but I mean I end up enjoying a lot of random stuff and then eventually out plops some thing.

but yeah, music is a good source! movies scores especially. anybody heard that Hellraiser/hellbound score?..oh man that’s good stuff!

Funny you should mention Star Wars, 'cause that’s a part of the inspiration for my “Fan art” WIP I just started :smiley:

Anyway, all great suggestions and were mentioned the episode I was recording! (It’s the one currently in my signature, if you want to listen. Not my “best” in some ways, because I got a little rambly in a few places, but still a lot of info in it, I think… Hmmm… Just realized I had the title wrong :smiley: Need to fix that :D… And now it is fixed. )