Where do you find textures/How do you make them?

I was looking at some images in the gallery, like Endi’s Gauss Tank in the forum gallery, and I was wondering where people get the textures from? I’ve looked through repositories, but it appears they are custom made.

More than likely, it’s photoshop, right?
How does one go about actually making a custom texture?

Sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot.

i typically just draw mine out in photoshop with the pen tool. or, if i’m wanting something more realistic, i’ll hunt down a nice high-rez image (usually google image search) and take bits and pieces from it to create what i want.

First you bake an AO map of the high-poly model to the low-poly and this already gives you a nice base to start from. Then you colour the parts apropriately and use photo overlays to add details.

Try searching the net for texturing tutorials, here’s one of them:


Alright, thanks for both replies. That makes sense to me :slight_smile:

heres a great resource for textures. http://cgtextures.com/ if you look at the gauss tank texture.psd you will notice the base layer is actually a mix of several base textures. the above link is a good spot to find textures like that.

Simple textures can be made using the Blender built in options, if you’re looking for graphic textures, then “looking” is the best way to find them - the internet is your friend.

Blender provides a 300MB download library, separate from all of the individual user contributions.

Have a look at turbosquid - for models, textures, and such. It requires setting up a user account, but they have a lot of free content you can use.

“Any image will do.”, almost. Use any image editing program to size and modify anything you can find to use as a texture. Tiling on the other hand is a more difficult trick. Getting edges to match to prevent unintended lines and “morie” [mor-ay] patterns is an art and requires skill.