Where do you get Your Ideas?

Just curious, but where does your inspiration come from?

Sometimes the WC challenge motivates me to blend for a weekend or sometime I have an idea that pops in my mind when I see something, a picture or a movie.

My inspiration usually comes by coincidence and accident. They just come. If you have one you really like, you should write it down so you know what it was later and the details. (like this animation I have in mind)

google…nah im just playin…i get them from reading and from my dreams…

I dont know for sure…I just think, and(for like, the Freeality project) I try and make those secens that evoke an impression of size, and a certain smallness.
I also think about all thsoe things that you just think " wouldnt it be cool if…"
Of Course, the ideas are all from yourself(hopefully), and so there are infinite Ideas…

…an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato – CD.

You can find inspiration anywhere - music, a good book, a great movie, a scene happening in front of your eyes, a dream, another piece of CG art, a certain sound… Inspiration is abundant!

Where do you get Your Ideas?

I don’t get ideas…
ok, but seriously, I get most of my inspiration from photorealism art


steal 'em blatently


I just generally just browse the forum or look at the galleies to get some inspiration. Then wwhen a great idea pops out then I write it down, I got like twenty good ideas so I will have stuff to do for a while.

I’ve gotten my latest idea from the internet as a whole. It’s a wild ride, I’ll tell you that.

it just comes. from visual experiences, the music i listen to, and my thoughts. there’s no one source (inspiration.com lol) you can get inspiration from. it comes from all around.

I get my Ideas from everywhere.
And by everywhere I mean video games.

As well as sometimes books and that. Sometimes I’ll spend hours browsing DeviantArt and after wards I’ll ideas pop into my head for days afterwards.

I presume you mean shovels?

no, I’ve never seen a photorealistic shovel…
oh well, when the time comes, I’ll make my own

Sometimes I get ideas from an occurrence I call “misunderstanding inspiration.” This is when, from a thumbnail, description, etc, I get an idea of what someone has done that turns out to be wrong. An example is my recent F1 entry. I saw a thumbnail of a different entry that I thought looked like a giant ball, and I thought, that’s a cool idea. I enlarged it and saw that it didn’t actually look like a giant ball, I’d misunderstood the thumbnail. Then I made an entry that really was a giant ball. Is that stealing?

I think of a completely wacky scenario, or even just a single word. Then I try to rationalize it. If the rationalization is even more bizarre then the original concept, then I know it’s a good idea.

That’s just my method.

Whatever you do, don’t try to come up with ideas while sitting at a clean desk with the default cube for blender in front of you. Jump out of airplanes, go shopping naked, play the accordion upside-down; otherwise, your images and animations will just be about images and animations.