Where do you get your inspiration?

While this is more on topic than off, I figured I would put it over here in case my search for prior posts like this one missed something.

So, what do you do for inspiration?

Wife? Girlfriend? Books? Work? Sports? Movies? Other people’s art?

I’m kind of in a holding pattern waiting for a new idea, so I figured I’d get a jump start listening to how others get inspired.


For inspiration I try to look at WHAT it is that I’m trying to do
and base my research on that.

All that is to be created needs research first (well…almost all…in some cases I just go with the flow and create something out of the blue).

  • I go to the local zoo
  • I draw a lot
  • I talk to people…ask for suggestions
  • I look for what has been done before and try to avoid that :slight_smile:
  • Dream…
  • Fantasize…
  • Play with Lego (no kidding there…)
  • Make mockups

much much more…

where DON’T i get my inspiration is the shorter list i think.


I watch lots and lots of good porn…

then when it’s finished, I draw stuff and I get my inspiration from the drawing. Actually, pornography is the best way I’ve found for getting references of attractive human forms and in general inspires me to think about what defines beauty.

I also think some kids TV shows have a lot of good material like Tom and Jerry because they have so many good characters and scenarios.

I think characterisation is an often overlooked element in modelling/animation. I see an awful lot of 3d scenes with cars, rooms and landscapes and they’re ok but they get boring after a while. You can tell from the WIP section on Elysiun where someone posted a 3D carrot. Normally that would sound boring too but the artist made a very interesting character out of it and it just made it so appealing. That’s why Toy Story succeeds where Final Fantasy fails even though the latter was of superior visual quality - character and plot.

Story books are an excellent way to get inspiration because they stimulate peoples’ imaginations in different ways. The LOTR movie trilogy was Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the books but someone else might make things look a lot different.

The best medium for you is whatever stimulates your imagination. It’s different for everyone. I’m a bit of an insomniac so I get a lot of ideas just lying in bed and letting my imagination run wild for a couple of hours. Imagination is the key (as the Elysiun slogan points out) - if you don’t have imagination, you won’t come up with stuff that’s new. In that case, go and find someone with a good imagination - kids are great for that. In this crappy world where loads of adults suffer from depression and use alcohol as an escape, kids can be entertained for hours with a cardboard box - they are masters of imagination.

I thought what Charles Schulz (Peanuts) said about it was interesting.

Sparky was a creature of habit … some would say obsessive … who drove to the office every day, walked to the Ice Arena, sat at the same table (still marked “Reserved”; no one sits there now), ate the same breakfast. Then he went to the drawing board and worked. Even if no ideas came that day he was there. He opined that in some way his mind became used to the routine, and was ready when he was.

He also is quoted as saying that he found himself watching just how the light fell on a man’s shirt-collar. He called it “visual sketching” and found that his mind did it even when he wished it wouldn’t. He carried a notepad with him and jotted down ideas whenever they came.

I think that self-discipline really is the key. There will always be blogs. :smiley: But you have to “put butt in chair and do it.” You can’t adapt your life to when your brain feels creative; you have to have your brain be ready when you are.

Then, you also need to know how and when to rest. Creative work is mentally taxing and your brain consumes a lot of fuel doing it. It does not exercise your body, so you have to do so. For example, I leave my work machines switched off on weekends.

Besides … I’ve discovered geocaching! … http://www.geocaching.com :smiley:

guy in our class did this.

blatent human figures in a wine bottle design, and the class was told he drew all his concepts when looking at porn.

very funny, but he did get an A so LOL.


nature… when going on trips… it also clears youre mind so you are able to focus on youre insperation. I also like watching magazines (NG, PS, vogue :stuck_out_tongue: ).

not to long ago I used wc topics as an isperation… but now I’m just out of motivation… but I’m going on a trip soon so hope this blenderblock will be over by than :slight_smile: .

What kind of stupid teacher gives an A for something like that???

I get my inspiration from things like the outside world or the media

i get insperation from what i see or what i think. its easyer to blend what i see and can grab that something in my imagination. but i dont have a big portfolio so i realy cant tell it well. ask me it in five years i can hopefully tell the answer.

Dream, and Think much about all kinds of things, watch things in the nature, “always be open for aideas”, then thery will come to you :slight_smile:

Disneyland!! :smiley:

its the atmosphere theres just something i like about it.
in between classes i drive down and just draw either ppl or the architecture.

Beer. Lots and lots of BEER. When I wake up, I usually want to create something kickass. :stuck_out_tongue:

When i get bored of creation (imagining or thinking of things) I turn to the opposite, destruction.

i just dream alot, one question… whats the outside world? dont think iv been there is it like some website?

I get my inspiration from nightmares. go figure.