Where do you go for reference images?

I was looking for a site that has a bunch of references (preferably free) of objects, and was wondering where you go for them?

What kinds of objects? Typically, I just use flickr.

just any kind of object, not really looking for anything specific, just trying to find something to browse

Perhaps these can help?



Google image search if it´s just for reference?

That’s what I do.

Google .

Well google works only if you know what you’re looking for. I don’t have any clue. Thanks for the sites I’ll check them out.

Sounds like you´re looking for inspiration, not reference images.
Turn off your computer and GTFO :smiley:
Use your eyes.

go to the library, trust me it’s better than a search engine

It’s amazing what you’ll find if you do even a simple google search.

Then you are looking for inspiration, not reference images.

Go to forums such as polycount, cgsociety, 3Dtotal, game-artist or even visit our own art section here on BlenderArtists and browse them like a maniac, then whenever you find something you like you save the images to your inspiration folder on your computer.

Mostly, I use google for references but I make reference photos myself where possible.

Flicker or websites like that, too.