Where do you guys get an idea before start modeling?

when i start modeling, searching image that is inspiring me is so hard! usually i fine stuff in Pinterest. i think there another good reference site for 3d modeling. so if you guys have some cool site, let me know and share please!!

this is my first question after signing up this site:) this community is amazing place!!

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Good question. Although ‘why’ and ‘how’ are more important than ‘where’, IMHO.

For the things I do at work I usually don’t need to get creative, if I’m not provided with reference material I just google some images, sometimes there is data from manufacturers or, in some lucky cases, even CAD files that I can use. In fact I don’t even want to waste time on thinking what I need to model, I just want to get it done properly. I’m always happy and a lot faster if I don’t need to think on what it actually is that I am making.

Then there are cases when I have just a vague idea and no clear concept of what I need (or want) to create. Which is usually only the case with my private side projects. Provided that I have the time to do it, I collect lots of reference material, read articles, watch youtube videos on the topic etc… even when creating fictional stuff I go for credibility which always helps to sell your designs. I am convinced that you should know at least the basics about the things you create to avoid random bullshit that doesn’t make sense in any scenario (silly cogwheels attached to a steampunk gun that obviously don’t serve any purpose, for instance).

In other words, look how existing things are designed and how they work, then use this knowledge to create somthing new.

Apart from that it is highly individual where to find good reference images. For instance, myarmoury.com has been a great resource for information and images on medieval arms & armour back when I modeled stuff for Elder Scrolls and Chivalry mods. Then there’s https://collections.royalarmouries.org which is pretty awesome if you’re into the topic. Some tumblr pages. Just as an example.
Use google, if you find one great image somehwere chances are good that there is more where it came from. I browse pinterest as well sometimes but I think it’s rather annoying. In some way it is like wikipedia though as it can be used to track down good sources.

But always keep in mind, anything can be inspiring. When I made a warhammer once, I didn’t just look at hammers or even axes but also at medieval architecture and every day items. Keep your eyes open. Also when watching movies. A trash can might help you with designing a war ship.

edit: sure, completely forgot about Artstation. :wink:
Don’t forget to follow your idols and study their work.
Also, use PureRef.

you can try artstation.com or cubebrush.com
along with what @bassig said !

also welcome !


wow, very long and highly useful advices for me!! i’m just sorry about writing texts like you because my english is so bad. but i want you to believe my heart is touched:)

i’m gonna keep in mine like your saying:)

i’m really appreciated again, now i’m gotta go modeling haha! thanks!

thanks for your comment and recommendation! you guys are too kind!!

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thanks! artstation is best platfrom for artists as well:)

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