Where do you guys get inspiration?

I’m running out of things I want to model. I separate things into 4 categories:

Things I just don’t have the skill yet to model (huge list lol)
Things I can model but are too simple. (Looking to get past basic shapes)
Things I can model but don’t want to do. (Subjects that are boring to me)
Things I can model, want to model, and pushes me to learn more.

I’m looking to get past doing basic things. You can only do so many evenly spaced cylindrical models. Most organics and very complex inorganics are too hard still.

I’m working on a character model at the moment which is a piece of fan art. I’m a huge fan of a particular movie and this is a central character, which inspires me to do as good a job as possible. Character modelling is hard to do well, but not hard to get some result. I’ve worked through Jonathan Williamson’s modelling the female head/body tutorials a few times with a few characters - VTs are good because in some sense the person delivering the tutorial provides some motivation with their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Start with a cube, and extrude every which way. It will eventually start looking like something, and you will be able to go from there.

Actually, I am stuck at the same place you are. So you probably shouldn’t try what I just told you to do. :smiley:

I am terrible at character modeling. My biggest issue with organic shapes is I second guess myself way too much. Your inorganics are usually a lot easier because you can estimate it fairly easily. Organics, with their complex curves, and importance of topology, is just a nightmare for me.

I sporadically come up with ideas of what to model.

If you want to do organics, try starting with a MakeHuman mesh and modifying it however you want.

Just watch a game trailer and try to reproduce a scene from it.
Any video will do. Try Matrix or Transformers. :smiley:

hey for all the people that think they can’t do human characters check this guy out. With this guys technique you can model anything just by useing the snap to tool or what ever it is called. You don’t need to know how to model with this guys technique. Find model like on blend swap and use your snap tool or what ever it is called and it’s as easy as just pushing. Absolutely NO modeling experince needed. Well maybe just a little but certainly not much. Check it out.