Where do you post GAMES?!?!?!

I have this really cool racing game but i dont know where to post it. If you know where you can post games please post a link on here, thank you :smiley:

If you mean: “Hey, look at my game!(Link below)” then you post it here i guess… %| …

now if yer asking for a place to upload it… :-? … i don’t know…

Unfortuanately blendergames.com doesn’t exist any more, so you’ll have to get some free webspace from somewhere and upload the game there. Then just post a link to it on this forum.

Keith. 8)

Posting games? Blendergames was tha place, but soon an another blender dude will try to take this over, with a compleet new website. :smiley: (guess who? :wink: )

i know blender games was the place thats why im looking for another place to post my games. :slight_smile: I also want to know how to put games i v made on geocities

Did you get my emails last night? I am currently hosting your games so you can post them her on the Forum. I sent you the URL so as you can post here and let others check them out. I did not assume to post the link myself, because they are your games, and mabey you wanted to say something about them with the post. I sent you a PM with the info, I sent an email to the address you used to send the files to my .com. If you want me to put the link up here, let me know, if your waiting to post untill you find your own host, let me know, and I will remove them from my website. 5 minutes after I recieved your files, they were posted and ready for viewing, sent you the url immediatly, whats up?

The NDN?

I would like you post the website on here because i dont know your website name.

O.K. All you BlenderHeads, Here are the long awaited Games developed by “facemania”. I offered to Host them at my site, but it has been a bit of a headache, thru no fault of my own. Any way they look to be two small games, Both begginer level games, but the racing game is cool. Anyway good job to facemania for his first efforts. Here is the link, Like you guys have not already seen it. (For some reason my URL is posted on every post facmania has, and he still asking my address?) So to be “VERY CLEAR” You can download the games here:


For the UMPTEENTH time, UGH!!!

The NDN…

P.S. Like I said I don’t mind hosting your games, but please don’t post my url on every post you make, only if it applies, such as this one. :x




hmmm, www.sourceforge.net or even www.gameforge.net ? …but hey have to be open-sourced :smiley:

for promoting: if it’s runnable in linux, try www.happypenguin.org