Where do you start when you model a car?

When you decide to make a car, which part of the car do you start with first? From what angle? Do you use blueprints? (I certainly hope you do.) How do you go about it?





yeah, my modeling process for pretty much everything is:

add a cube
delete half
exit edit mode
linked duplicate mirror
back into edit mode

from there I make the basic shape of whatever and continue

I can’t say my modeling process is ideal, that is just how I start

I normally start along the front. I figure that most likely that will need a lot of detail and then I move down the sides of the car to the rear end.

I figure that most people think the cat-like appearance of the front is pretty cool so I throw a lot of time into that as well as adding special touches to the rear end.

I don’t start anywhere. Because I hate modeling cars. No idea why, just do.
But when ever I have started on one. I always start with the hood.

I start with the wheels. [!]

I beginning, inserting an vertex, in one view. After beginning to design, the contours. It does not have importance, from where, it is begun.

I usually start from the front of the hood (using blueprints), where the grille is usually… with a single vertex, extruding edges from there, first to the side and then up and back. I don’t makes any faces before I think the shape is good enough.
After that I usually try to work my way to the sides and the roof and finally into the back…

I still have to work on my techniques to save some time though :slight_smile: