Where does the 'i' in i-mac come from

From imac,iweb,ipod,i movie…so on for the next millions of things

For the iMac, i = internet

The 1st iMac Introduction

From there, the ‘i’ just became a brand.



kidding! :smiley:

its the same sort of crap that happened when the internet first became popular. People started using “E-Mail” and for years afterwards marketing guys would slap the letter “E” in front of every word they could. They still use it on some things, like the “E-Machine” brand, which is stupid because the “E” is supposed to mean “electronic”. “Electronic Machine”, huh? Sounds oh so high tech…

Yeah, now they’ve gone through “E”, “My”, “i”, and “U”… pretty soon it’s gonna be “A”… the generic singular term for something. or maybe “Y”… as in “Y-Mac?” or “Y-tube”… yeah. That’ll be hilarious…

Doesnt i stand for idiot?


Yeah with A will come some product called the Hole.

Yes, exactly. A-hole will be the next version of Microsoft Orifice.

And a new disk utility will be bundled with it called A-wipe.

Of course theirs extreme everything these days too…preceded by an X

X-treme. Kool-Aid and various hair styling products are X-treme. I wonder if they contain the same ingredients?? X-treme Vista. I’m scared of that.

poor abused word “vista”, meaning, uh… vista :D. Why did they use it for such a crappy OS?

The view from that vista could make you puke.

i always thought it meant like “i”


I think it stand for "internet’

i’m pretty sure i meant interactive, other than that, ur rite

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Maybe the prefix “Blu” will be the next big one, they already have Blu-ray, maybe Blu-vision or Blu-engine?

Or maybe “Z”, makes anything in front of it sound futuristic, call something Z-foto or Z-meet.

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Lol, this is a bigger thread than i thought…rofl…and wth? theres bots on here too?!..damn bots…lol people here have lots of imagination…lol!..continue making more ideas…im reading them and i find them funny/ingenious :smiley: