Where does your inspiration come from?

Just wondering… I come across a lot of works thatrepresent a feeling or well… something with a thought behind the picture… where do you guys get your inspiration? Cause ehm… lately… I don’t have a clue where to begin… just staring at that cube for hours… x, enter, space add, mesh, plane… Ctrl x, enter… and so on. Just wondering what you guys come across and what gives you inspiration to start something.

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My inspiration comes from the world around me. Whenever I’m having Modeller’s Block, I go for a walk down the most beautiful trail next to my house, sit on top of the hill halfway through, and take in everything that I see. That’s usually enough to get me something to model, but if it isn’t, I just start typing random words on Google Image Search.


I like to take idiomatic phrases, turn them upside down a bit, and make images of them. An example: When I was a kid, my stepfather advised me not to try any of his hot sauce, but, if I did, “it’d grow hair on my chest”. Not understanding the phrase, I later grabbed the sauce, and poured it onto a billiard ball, wanting to see the effect. A couple of years ago, I used my memory of that incident to create an image (not in Blender, but with a different 3D product).

I also like to make images that contain out of synch images. For example, I once did a fearsome dragon who likes to play with his pet kitten, and another of a dragon taking flying lessons from a pixie. Throwing together two discordant objects then building a scene around it can be interesting.

Sometimes, I’ll just starting making shapes, and the shape will suddenly remind me of something else, then that becomes a complete scene.

Actually I never (at least I try to) start without having a pretty solid concept in mind and, in the best case, some reference.

I personally love to model mechanical stuff and inspirations come from basically everywhere. Just look at the things you use daily and see the shapes they’re made of, the mechanisms they’re working with. And then it strikes me…

Usually I start with shapes and then add details…these often come easily if you look at the daily life, again.
And I also like to start out with “stories”. Sometimes I have a single phrase or a word in my mind and then I search for a picture, for a shape that could represent it.

So, what I’m trying to tell you, inspiration is everywhere, daily life is a wonderful source of ideas for me, you just have to find them :wink:

Old family photo from the 1950’s - I wanted to recreate the room and furnishing - just for memory sake - pity I don’t have the skill to receate the people.

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!!! HAHAHAAAAA!!! After a long hard night of partyin’ and pumpin, the sore over-sensitive hungover brain and the tinnitus-whining in your ears from all the damage that the loud noise did gives you some funny ideas, I tell you!! Life, 't is called sometimes…

But yes, with modeling, I prefer to have really clear concept scetches as the act of modeling takes all the juice from me brain, cannot focus on creating things while focusing on modeling.