Where else can I get advice?

Hi everyone. Just want to ask if anyone know good place for advice except here. I´m looking to be professional but I need some professional feedback on what to focus.

you are in the right place.there is years of experience here.
spend some time looking around.google is your friend.
just about all the tutes and advice comes from blender users.
set aside your preconceived notions, and again have a look around.
cheers.and good luck!

Polycount and stack exchange.

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About professional advice you can find lots of it on youtube, however it might not be exclusively related to Blender only, it might be about painting or concept art or 2D drawing.

Use wisely - blender thread on reddit - /r/blender/
It’s a community with great number of users (about 120k), has an fast feedback and a very active community, but here goe’s some of my advices.

If you want to receive professional feedbacks, make sure to use flairs to tag your post and specify on the title what you want, otherwise you will receive critiques from new users/newbies/people just doing for fun. The most effective way to receive critiques/feedbacks from professionals is write on the post your intention and what type of critiques you expect, probably you will get fewer answers, but will be of quality.

Good Luck

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