Where get objects added?

(inka) #1

Hmm, it’s the first time I try to use the “edit object actuator”, but I can’t figure out, how to define, where the new objects get added in the realtime-engine.

I looked already on other games, and I know that there are often empties used for. But in the actuator itself, I can only say which objects to add and not where. Maybe I miss some concept?

Thanks, Ingo

(d0pamine) #2

Each actuator, including the edit object actuator, is “attached” to an object. The location of this object is where the added object (which must be on a “hidden” layer) will appear.

(inka) #3

Thanks. It was a simple question, but I thougt it wrong before.


(Pooba) #4

The object will get added in the center of the object (the little yellow (or purple if you have it selected) dot). you can go to editbuttons and click show axis on the left side of the screen in order to see the axis, and you can use that axis to stick in the right numbers in the add object (for making the object have a force when you add it).


(inka) #5

The object will get added in the center of the object …

Intresting because, if I move the “center” somewhere, the added object should appear somewhere as well.

At the moment I have to figure out, how to make it possible, that objects appear on a different place, then the one where the actual object exactly is. Maybe there are other (better) solutions?


(inka) #6

Ok, I just found out how to use the message actuator and sensor to solve the problem. :smiley: