where has ectizen gone?

does anyone know? :-? :-? :-?
i havent seen him in long time

hmm, no idea. A good question.

On that subject as well, Bapsis has seemed to have disappeared as well.

I guess we are just losing people. :-?


well, he hasn’t post since his farewell to the Week End challenge post, so I guess he’s either gone or he changed his nickname to remain anonymous…



we are loosing our old people and getting the new versions

new members!!! (like rabbits)

just upgrading to the next models i suppose (my warrenty period is allmost over,noooooooo i have no blender insurance)


It’s sad if we lose the active members though :frowning:
But I think he’ll come back, once a blenderhead… :wink:

  1. pofo

note: I looked at this again and noticed I had exactly twice as many posts as alltaken :slight_smile: screenshot