where have all the IPOs gone?

I’m trying out 2.40alpha and I’m trying to animate the pages of a book flipping over. I made my pages, added some bones and animated it.

All looks cool, but I want to tweak the IPO curves. Blender’s tweening makes the pages move down before they flip and this causes them to pass throgh the table that the book is resting on.

The problems is, is that when I select the armature and open an IPO window, I don’t see any curves. I tried looking in Pose mode, Object mode and Edit mode. Nada. I can see the IPOs for my camera movements, but I can’t figure out how to get the armature curves to show.

any ideas? I may have to post the .blend when I get home tonight.


Not sure if it’s the same as 2.37 but you should open the action window not the Ipo window because you are using an armature.

ho, and how will you edit the curve of the animation of your armature then?

You need to set you armature in pose mode (CTRL TAB key) then go to the IPO window and select Pose in the drop down menu located in the header of the IPO window. Hope it help.

Gabio, I’ll give that a shot. Still trying to get used to the new locations of items in 2.40

Got it now. Here’s what I had to do:

Select Pose Mode in the 3-D window
Select the individual bone I wanted to tweak
Select Pose in the IPO window pulldown

Pose has to be selected in BOTH locations to get the IPO cuves to show up. That’s what I was missing.