Where have my textures gone?

I’m new to Blender.

I’m trying to export an imported photogrammetry model as an .obj file with all the textures and other files ending up in the same folder.

When trying to do this I only get an .obj and .mtl file while yesterday I was somehow accidentally able to fill my entire desktop with 200 texture files and after that I seem to have changed my settings or something.

OBJ and MTL are readable by humans. Open MTL in Notepad++ (or other pro text editor) and check the paths. My guess is the texture paths are absolute and pointing somewhere else… You should be able to use (export as) relative paths if all files are to be in same directory.

BTW, OBJ is quite old-school bro… glTF/glb is basically the ultimate format, and you should be using that format at all costs if you can.

Thanks for the help, I’ll try it out. I’m using .obj because it’s the format that works best with my old-school solar PV software.