Where have the vertex gone?

Hi All,

I feel dumb for asking this as I feel I’m getting better navigating around Blender after using it for a few months now but sometimes tiny, simple things come along that really stump me.

I’ve gone back to my landscape model in order to proportionally modify it and flatten a certain area so that I can place my cottage into the scene. One problem, I don’t seem to be able to enter any mode which will allow me to see/amend any landscape vertex.

What mode do I need to be in so that I can see the landscape vertex again?

I apologise for apparent dumbness,




You are in vertex select mode, and in edit mode, so you have some kind of mesh selected. It’s not the grid, or you’d see little pink dots at each vertex. Do you have another layer with objects on it that could be selected instead? or is there some hidden object that was selected before it was hidden?

Open an Outliner window, and set it to Outline view (not OOPS schematic.) type A to expand the outline view to show everything. The selected object should be highlighted in the outliner.