Where I can get a rigged snake model for blender?

I have searched for almost 8 hours and didn’t find any rigged model of snake that’s available for blender. I just need a rigged snake, with his mouth (correct me, I am not a snake expert) also rigged. The model should be high poly.

I doesn’t matter if the texture is there or not. Because It will be totally white cement snake, on a mask. It’s not too urgent, but still, I am tired of finding a snake, that’s atleast compatible with blender. (Plus, a free model is my need).

Thanks for help…

I’m curious: What search engine what search words… because i founf different (free) models and even tuts how to rigg a snake in blender… in 5 minutes an if you just want to pose it a bit (cement statue)… oh and you want even high poly… isn’t this a bit much for nothing? okay then … it has a curve for posing…

That’s for a customer, he said that I can get a model online if I am unable to create it. And as I am not a rigging expert, and even not high poly modelling expert. I needed to get a snake from 3rd party. And that’s all, I was able to make the scream mask in high poly, as I have good experience in sculpting.

I used duck duck go as my search engine.