Where I Want To Sink

A Self-3D Portrait

The model was Completely Sculpted in Blender using a Cube and Dynatopo, made a Decimated version and Shaded on Sketchfab,

I Picked the SSS Shades to Give more of a Complete Artwork instead of a details showcase (Especially that Skecthfab has MatCap Detail view for Sculpture detail)

Your opinions are on My Treat, Shall we hear them? (Both Positive and Negative)


If that is your self-portrait then you are very fit.

Problem is that the SSS removes a lot of details so it’s hard to give any constructive critique but it look s alright from here.

You should make the black goo to some kind of fire-like thingy.

Thanks for the FeedBack, I’m more Thin than Fit Actually but yeah
The SSS Does remove a lot of detail, but it was still cooler, I had some hard time deciding if to favor detail or Artwork, as for the Goo, it’s actually supposed to be ink

I think I’ll try to improve detail display while keeping the SSS