Where in blender can I ...

… use analitic geometry to create forms?

If by analytic geometry you mean equations, then…

there isn’t really somewhere you can do this, except for python.

There have been a couple of things posted about this before, so a quick search should get you more detail, but here is what I can recall:

Sjoerd made a post about something similar a while back that he had coded.

Hans is currently working on a CSV script that would allow you to use another program to generate the data and then import it using CSV. It won’t automatically create faces yet, but I think he’s getting there.

I wrote a script and posted it to Basics and Interface as a proof of concept that allows you to graph using equations. This won’t create faces at all, just edges.

Hope that helps, and this may be better off for Basics and Interface anyways.

And what is analytic geometry ?

Peace :spin:.

I hate to point people away from Blender, but if you want to code your images directly, Pov-Ray might be a good start.

There is a python script called Blender Analytic Geometry at the link below


Hope its what you are looking for!!!